Price overview

All prices on this page include VAT.

Our washing prices

The washing machines energy consumption is mainly driven by the temperature of the wash programme and the use of
the ECO-function. That’s why we based our pricing on the wash temperature you select.
Washing machine (7kg)
Temperature Light User price Heavy User price
Cold wash €0.60 €0.50
20° wash €0.70 €0.60
30° wash €0.85 €0.70
40° wash* €1.25 €1.00
60° wash* €1.50 €1.25
90° wash €1.75 €1.50
Drain and spin programme Free Free
Monthly minimum €12.75 €19.50
* Using the ECO-function (only available for the Cotton programme) will save you €0.25 on the regular washing price. 

Our drying prices

The dryers energy consumption is mainly driven by the dryness level of the drying programme and the use of the ECO-function.
Dryer (8kg)
Dryness level Light User price Heavy User price
Refresh programme €0.80 €0.65
Dryness level 1 (iron dry) €1.00 €0.75
Dryness level 2 (cupboard dry)* €1.50 €1.25
Dryness level 3 (strong dry) €2.00 €1.75
Dryness level 4 (extra dry) €2.25 €2.00
Time programme, depending on the duration set €0.75 and €2.00 €0.50 and €1.75
Anti-crease function Free Free
Monthly minimum €15.00 €22.50
*Using the ECO-function (only available for the Cotton programme) will save you €0.25 per cycle on the regular drying price.

Our dishwasher prices

We currently supply the dishwasher without a tracker, with a fixed usage fee of € 14.99 per month. This monthly usage fee is based on an average number of 15 washes per month. At the moment, we charge this amount regardless of the number of washes per month.
Fixed monthly usage fee €14.99

Light vs Heavy User

In order to make Homie affordable for small and large households, we offer both Light and Heavy User contract options. We based our Light User contract on the average Dutch household, with 2.1 people and around 15 washes/month. For larger households, that wash more often, we offer the Heavy User contract, with reduced washing prices.

The Heavy User contract is cheaper than the Light User contract for households washing more than 24 washes per month (on average).

Please note: users are allowed to switch between Light or Heavy User contract twice a year free of charge.

Monthly minimum usage

To ensure that Homie can cover all costs such as maintenance and repairs, we have set a monthly minimum usage. If you do not meet this minimum spend, you pay the difference.
Example: you have a Homie washing machine and opted for the Light User contract. In April you ran 5 wash cycles at 30C degrees and 5 wash cycles at 40C degrees. Your total washing costs are therefore: € 10.50. But because you stayed below the minimum usage of €12,75, you are charged an additional € 2.25 at the end of the month.

Delivery and deposit

With Homie you only pay a low deposit of €35, which you will receive back after cancelation of your contract, when we have collected your appliance in good condition. For delivery and connection, we only charge €14,99, regardless of your place of residence or the floor of installment.

Hidden costs?

Homie is honest and has no fine print. As a Homie customer, you pay for your usage, not for your appliance. Homie will take care of repairs or replacement of your appliance, free of charge. And contract cancellation is free after 12 months of use.